Midland mother suing Greenwood Baptist Children’s Learning Center for harming 3-year-old son

Published: May. 31, 2023 at 9:48 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Midland mother Josefina Aguillon is suing Greenwood Baptist Children’s Learning Center claiming the caregivers physically, emotionally and psychologically harmed her 3-year-old son.

Aguillon’s Attorney Russell Button with the Button Law Firm says the acts that occurred are alarming and the mother feels deep betrayal and anger. He also says the state has come in and found multiple incidents with other kids as well.

Button says a board member first notified her of one incident, which she soon learned was not an isolated event.

“The kid was traumatized from this and it’s what we call a repeated trauma of a lot of different events that either the kid experienced first and or was exposed to,” said Button.

Button says Aguillon noticed a change in her son’s behavior.

According to the complaint, in one instance the caregivers left him in a kitchen pantry with the lights off, in another, they sprayed him with toxic disinfectant

“The caregivers would walk around and spray different disinfectants and toxic stuff out in the air and kind of around the kids’ heads and stuff and whether that was a form of discipline or punishment or matter of fact were not really quite sure,” said Button.

Her son was also allegedly subjected to spanking and forced to sit next to a trash can for an excessive amount of time, which Button says the state investigators found on video.

“Bad actions with children at that age have profound impacts later on in their childhood and later on in life how they get treated at that age and that’s not the way the mom expected her child to be treated,” said Button.

Button says Aguillon wants to get justice for her child and hold Greenwood Baptist Children’s Learning Center accountable.

“Ultimately the family just felt betrayed that they trusted this place to watch their kid, his moms a hard worker and just wanted her kid to be safe,” said Button.

Button says all of these acts violate Texas daycare laws and regulations and their goal is to bring light to these alarming incidents so other parents can be aware.

We reached out to Greenwood Baptist Children’s Learning Center and did not receive a response.