New Boba tea shop opens in Midland

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 6:51 AM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Jojo Hoang and her husband have owned ‘Diva Nails’ in Midland for the past 10 years.

They’ve built up a loyal customer base and lately, Jojo has been telling them what’s going on right next door.

“I feel very happy when I see my clients come in and I always tell them that Mark is opening a new business and everyone kind of like oh so happy for us. They all come in here to support us. They are supporting our both businesses and I really appreciate that”, says Jojo Hoang.

Mark is fulfilling his dream of opening a boba tea shop in West Texas, which is part of a booming tea market that’s expected to double in size to a 4.3 billion dollar industry by the close of the decade.

The space before used to be a subway, but when the space came up for lease Mark and Jojo jumped at the opportunity.

It seemed like a dream come true but the pandemic had other plans stretching resources thin.

We didn’t know that Covid was going to hit us that hard. At first, I thought it was something that was going to go in and get out. just like normal flu. But everything shut down and then i thought “what am i going to do?” If I continue to hold this, then how am I going to pay and how am I going to survive? So that’s why I depend on the other business. I ask my wife she always supports me and keeps us going. so yeah until now we finally achieve it”, says Marl Hoang.

Mark realizes that this dream wouldn’t be possible without his wife’s support.

“Without her I can’t do anything. I’m very thankful for my wife. she’ll always be there for me. every time i come up with new stuff. she doesn’t back down. She’ll always be there supporting me and listens to me and even though I failed before. there and here. but she doesn’t give up on me”, says Mark Hoang.

But like any new business, there’s a lot of learning on the fly.

“They’ve been doing extremely well and providing an overwhelmingly positive experience and just trying to do their best and run the store as best as they possibly can”, says Gabriel Reynolds, a Kung Fu Tea corporate trainer from New York.

Kung Fu Tea is open 7 days a week from 10 am through 9 pm.

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